DOSAVES help you to discover wild nature in Montaña Palentina. Regions where bears are still living there and also a wide range of  interesting species of birds and great variety of endemic flora. Deciphering footprints in the snow or mud or interpreting the behavior of animals that we will see...


Unforgettable tour and excursions, through forests or mountains, adapted for everybody. For sure, It won’t disappoint you. The DOSAVES team it’s formed by Tino, Laura, Toño, Fernando and Jonathan, enthusiastic of this land. Each with a very different paths, have agreed to join forces, learn from each other and bet with passion for Montaña Palentina.


Tino, is in charge of coordinate efforts and pass on to the rest of the team his passion for nature. Specialists in different fields (carnivores, botany, birds, mycology, insects ...) are able to teach us the secrets of the wonderful biodiversity treasure of these lands.