Where north wind blows.... you’ll discover Montaña Palentina

A special place where the bears

are still living there…

Dreamlike landscapes where

you can observe amazing wildlife,

to do all kinds of outdoor activities,

or simply go for a walk along

the beautiful villages and enjoy

the highest concentration of

Romanesque art in Europe

and delight with its unique



From Cordovilla de Aguilar,


you’ll have the opportunity

to discover all the surprises

that The Montaña Palentina

has reserved for you.

CONVIENTONORTE is a company of comprehensive tourism services, placed in The Montaña Palentina. We are specialist in nature tourism and in cultural heritage tourism too. We relly on:


A.- Guides: DOSAVES.

B.- Acommodation own: EL MAYORAZGO.

The Natural Park Montaña Palentina is a territory of more than 100,000 hectares located in the north of Palencia North Spain. Its strategic location between the Eurosiberian and Mediterranean biogeographical regions make this place special for its wonderful biodiversity. Also, this place has a rich Romanesque monuments. One hundred twenty perfectly preserved Romanesque churches are found in this region, making it the highest concentration of Romanesque architecture in Europe and one of the best preserved. 

We are passionate about organizing responsible wildlife experiences in Montaña Palentina and all of our staff offers an expert, flexible and friendly service. Ours Tours:

A.- Nature and Romanesque art in The Montaña Palentina.
B.- The biodiversity of The Montaña Palentina.
C.- Walking in The Montaña Palentina.
D.- Diurnal butterflies of The Montaña Palentina.


These Tours are only an example, but we are certainly open to any requirement, etc…. everything that the customer wants to suggests, always in an environmentally responsible manner. 


All this and much more, make "The Montaña Palentina" an ideal place to spend a different holidays in a friendly atmosphere, enjoying its rich cultural heritage, natural and gastronomic offerings.